An Oral History of Action Park (NJ)

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An Oral History of Action Park (NJ)

Post by tennbengal » Mon May 14, 2018 2:54 pm

Any of you all go to this - most here are the right age. Pretty great article/set of interviews here: ... al-history
From 1978 to 1996, up to 20,000 people a day from the tri-state area would flock to Eugene’s oasis, which emphasized a ride-at-your-own-risk philosophy that earned it the nicknames “Traction Park” and “Class Action Park.” Speeding at high velocity down cement slides, boozy guests would try to push their limits—and Mulvihill would let them. Bodies flew off rides like crash test dummies; skin was peeled off in layers. It was not uncommon for guests to see bloody and bandaged patrons being driven across the grass in carts equipped with EMTs and stretchers. A total of five fatalities were reported, creating a mythology that danger lurked around every water-soaked corner.

If you were a reckless guest, sometimes it did. Most all of the rides at Action Park could be navigated safely, but “My dad’s whole idea was to do an amusement park differently, not where you just got strapped in and twisted around, but one where you controlled what was going on," Andy says. "You can have an awesome time, but you can also hurt yourself if you don’t use good judgment."

To understand how Action Park not only survived but thrived with a business philosophy out of Mad Max, Mental Floss spoke to well over a dozen former employees and guests who recalled an environment of fun, sun, and tending to broken bones at the most intense amusement park ever constructed.

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Re: An Oral History of Action Park (NJ)

Post by rass » Mon May 14, 2018 2:57 pm

Sexier thread title this time

(not complaining, just find it humorous that it was you last time, too)
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Re: An Oral History of Action Park (NJ)

Post by The Sybian » Mon May 14, 2018 3:13 pm

Never went, and I didn't know of any of my friends going when I was a kid. I grew up maybe 2.5 - 3 hours away, and we had Six Flags Great Adventure about 30 minutes further away, plus Hershey Park, Darien Lake and Dorney Park were all about the same distance, and infinitely better. But, I did see commercials for Action Park constantly while watching all of the syndicated shows from our youth on WOR and WPIX, and it looked like the greatest place ever. I should thank my parents for not taking me there.
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