Mental Health

Okay . . . let's try this again.

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Mental Health

Post by govmentchedda » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:05 pm

Read this.

We've got to do better with mental health, whether it's from concussions, sports, or just life.
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Re: Mental Health

Post by Johnnie » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:01 pm

He's 100% spot on when it comes to just talking to someone. That helped tremendously when I was being sent home. And when I had my initial mental health appointment having someone just listen seemed like it made a difference.

I'm lucky that my day-to-day isn't severe enough as his, but there are definitely days where I don't want to do anything or I feel like crying for no reason or I just get jumpy because I have to do multiple things at once. And the fatigue is real.

So at work I do my best to focus on my job and do it as well as I can. But if I get overwhelmed at work that's where it can, and certainly has, crumbled. I seem to make work the be all, and all of my worth. Like, what good am I as a supervisor or co-worker if I can't do my job? But then again...what good am I if I have a breakdown?

I hope the mental health area becomes more robust though. If more and more people come forward and tell their stories, it certainly will.
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